Hypnosis, business and blockage, three seemingly unrelated words, well hypnosis and business are intertwined but business and blockage with hypnosis.  Not so much you say.  Now let’s add past life and see what relationship is revealed.  For those individuals who believe that we have lived before and lived many times over; it comes as no surprise that a lesson learned or a course of lessons failed will and do play out in our sequent lives.  We carry over what we have mastered in one life to assist in the next and if we are not successful in learning some lessons, we usually must retake the course to pass it in a future life at a future time.  However are there times when we had succeeded with the mastery of a task?  We learned our lessons so to speak and yet an event associated with that lesson or event comes back to “haunt” us in a negative way in the life that we are currently living.  It affects us and we just don’t know why.  Let me give you an answer to that scenario by relating a little story.  So in this life you are afraid of crossing a bridge any bridge.  You tense up, shake and an overbearing fear grips you.  Since you have been 25 years old you have had that fear.  It started two months after you had turned 25 and for no apparent reason.  As a matter of fact you never feared crossing bridges before.  You in general took no notice of the bridge and the water below.  Now just the thought of crossing any bridge and you shiver and shake.  Well the answer could just be a very simple one related to a past life.  Maybe in a past life you fell off a bridge and drown; hence your fear of bridges and if you drowned shortly after turning 25 that would explain the age connection.  Now some of you would say that that was just a nice story, what does it proof or say.  It does illustrate the connectivity between our past lives and our current life and that is the point, all our lives are connected and events in one life can have an effect on events in the next life and all our lives up to and including our current life.  A friend of mine was afraid of cats.  He didn’t know why and as long as he could remember he had been afraid of this common household pet.  Well it turned out once he had recollections of a past life where he had been mauled to death by a tiger; he was able to release that memory to its past and his fear of cats faded into the past with that memory.  It could be the same with business adventures in this life.  You may be doing everything right and yet your business is not succeeding.  Yes given this day and age it could be the economy.  However, maybe it is not.  Maybe it is related to a past life incident where you had a business or operated a business for someone else and just maybe something happened that caused you to view yourself as not fit to run another business in any future life or maybe through an accident not related to you for which you held no responsibility but through a relation to your business someone died.  However, your soul through you feels responsible for these events be they your responsibility or not and therefore you are being blocked from succeeding in business in this life.  There could have been a business failure in a past life and you learned from that failure.  However, for reasons you don’t quite understand you don’t see yourself as business potential in this your current life because to you in that past life even though you learned, you are still seeing yourself as a failure without potential to be a business success in this your current life.

This is where hypnosis might be able to help.  I have developed an hypnotic technique and script using hypnosis, past life exploration and goal development to assist clients to learn the events from their past which are blocking their business in this present life and by past life exploration and goal setting these past life issues which are related to the sense of or the business failure(S) are resolved.  Once the goals for that business related to life’s learning are seen to be achieved and the sense of failure or need for punishment erased; the way to success in your business in this life then can become a much clearer path towards the success you seek

I am glad to be back.  January is New Year resolution time.  It is time for new beginnings or a  time in life to be positive.  How many of us make a resolution for the New Year and keep that resolution and those of us who do make these resolutions. how many of us make too many: lose weight, quite smoking, exercise more, read more, or even walk the dog more.   Chances are the more resolutions we make the greater chance we will fail; for so many resolutions can become overwhelming.  So maybe we have to pick just one, to start.  So let us say that it is weight management.  Well the equation is simple take in less calories put on less weight.  There are  many different and good weight management programs to assist an individual in  losing weight: Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig and even Hypnosis. I am not here to tell you which program or programs you should follow.  Yes I am a Hypnotist and Hypnosis is one of the methods that can be successful in helping individuals lose weight and keep it off.  With hypnosis in general no food is denied we help you with proportion control.  However my suggestion is simply this, research the various programs available to you then choose the program or combination of programs that is right for you, your personality, life style and budget..  You are an individual,some programs will work for you others will not.  It is your decision and choice.  After your choice take the steps needed to succeed slowly one at a time.  Keep a positive attitude and you’re on your way to success.  If you choose hypnosis that is great, however, it is not the choice of or not of hypnosis, it is you that matters.  Take resolutions one at a time in small steps and succeed.  

People who smoke do so for a variety of reasons.   Replacement smoking is one such reason.  Replacement smoking is the replacement of some deficit in life, for example: love, acceptance, companionship, or the replacement of another habit such as over eating.  Replacement smokers often derive sensual pleasure from smoking.  They enjoy the touch or feel of the cigarette or the smell of the burning tobacco.  The lighting of the cigarette often becomes a ritual for the smoker.  Replacement smoking is quite often a true and severe addiction.  

With the help of Hypnosis one can alter the taste of the cigarette, as well as change the mental attitude or beliefs about smoking which is important since smoking is both a physical and mental issue. Furthermore, if done correctly the individual would have no need to compensate for giving up the smoking habit by either overeating or eating candies.  Moreover in using Hypnosis the programs can and should be tailored to the individual’s needs; a one session or up to five or more sessions where the amount smoked per day could be gradually decreased are available and help ensure client success.  Additionally the Hypnotist must take into account the reasons the individual smokes (is it to nurture the self, reduce stress or to make social situations more comfortable for the person); the Hypnotist must explore the where, why and when the individual smokes in order to develop a program of smoking cessation that will be successful for that particular client.  Looking at all the relevant reasons for smoking and planning a stop smoking program for each client around their needs does help to garner success in smoking cessation even for the replacement smoker.  So go ahead and call your Hypnotist for a consultation today and spend the rest of your life smoke free.   

One main difference between losing weight and quitting smoking is the simple fact that when you give up cigarettes, you stop using them altogether.  With weight loss, one cannot give up food altogether for it’s needed to live.  Which do you think is easier losing weight or quitting smoking? 

One must be motivated to lose weight.  Now students of psychology know that there are basically two types of motivations: internal motivators and external motivators.  Weight Watchers could be classified as an external motivator, while wanting to look good would be one example of an internal motivator.  Both motivators will assist an individual to lose weight.  However, many theorize that it is the internal motivators that help a person start a weight loss program and remain on the program.  Therefore in order to assist an individual in their weight loss management or for the person to truly succeed in their weight loss; the individual’ motivating factors for losing weight must be explored.  What are the factors are they internal or external factors and how can we fully explored and utilized these factors to enhance the person’s weight management goals.   What factors motivate you to lose weight and are they internal or external motivators.


Remaining positive is all in how one thinks and in what they tell themselves.  After all, it is not a coincidence that the most successful people view them self and the world in a positive manner.  It is not to say that they do not see the negative situations that make up their world.  The important point is simply this:  It is a choice and their choice is to be positive.  They don’t question whether they are or will be a success. They accept the fact and belief that they are a success and will continue to succeed.  Great you say but how does one achieve this state of belief in one’s self.  Well apart from how one is raised it can be as simple as telling yourself on a regular bases that you are a success.  These statements you tell yourself are called affirmations.   Affirmations are an easy and simple way to keep your thinking positive.   As a Hypnotist, I instruct my clients routinely on the benefits of using affirmations and on when is the best time of day to use them.  Affirmations can be given at anytime of the day and take but a few seconds or minutes to complete and are worth doing.  However, one of the best times to use these affirmations are just before we go to sleep.  By regularly giving yourself  affirmations just before you sleep; you’re programming your very powerful subconscious mind in a very positive manner.  Do this regularly and you well find that during your waking hours that you will react to your affirmations with success.  After all you are a success.  Below is a simple method of giving affirmations to yourself before you sleep each night.

1.)  Choose your positive affirmation, for example I am a success and getting better every day or my business is a success and getting better every day

2.)  Say this affirmation to yourself out loud.

3.)  Repeat the affirmation out loud at least ten times or more before you go to sleep.  Once you have finished repeating the affirmation at least ten times simply go to sleep.

If you do these affirmations on a regular bases, you will find that upon waking that you will react to your affirmations in a positively successful manner.  Remain positive and have a great day.

What is success but a statement of the mind.   With the assistance of hypnosis both self-hypnosis and guided hypnosis by a skilled and professional practitioner; one can truly achieve what the mind can conceive.  Through visualization and persistence, you can be successful for it is all within you.  So reach out, hold on and go plan for your success. But wait you say, how do I achieve this goal of success.  Is it as easy as what my mind can conceive I can achieve?  I say yes and let me show you how.  It is all within positive thought.  First, we cannot control what thoughts come into our minds.  However, we and we alone can determine whether we dwell on the unwanted thoughts (in this case negative thoughts that push us towards failure rather than success) or whether we release them and visualize positive thoughts that move us and keep us on the path of success.  So you again say how do I turn the negative into the positive?  Well that is just the point; you do turn the negative into a positive by employing a little technique that hypnotists call the STOP THOUGHT technique.   It is so simple and it works beautifully.  Look below:

1). When a negative thought enters your mind set, for example my business and thus by relationship I am a failure, don’t become stressed and believe this thought process.  Remember success is a statement of the mind.

2). Each time the negative thoughts come, you do one very simple and effect technique and you do it OUT LOUD VERBALLY.  You say STOP OR STOP IT out loud.  This simple act will instantaneously interrupt your train of thought. 

3). Thus your negative thoughts are interrupted and the next step is to convert your negative thoughts into the positive polar opposite.  Therefore my business and thus by relationship I am a failure becomes my business is and I am a success and I am continuing on my successful path.  You think this positive thought and you repeat out loud verbally. 

Do this consistently converting your negative thoughts to positive thoughts and you will achieve what you can conceive or I should say your business and thus you by relationship are a success and are continuing on the road of success.  After all success is a statement of the mind, go for it and don’t forget to enjoy yourself and be happy.

In any business adventure your clients/customers are your most precious resource.  Treating them with the upmost dignity and respect is paramount to your business’ success for no client/customers, equals no business, and thus no success.    I’m not  talking here of the civil niceties (please, thank you or good day), although they are important; I’m talking about how you as the professional business person makes your client/customers feel.   They should be feeling and have the impression that they are the most important individual to you during any interaction that they have with you.  Yes being nice and courteous (saying please and thank you and engaging in small talk) helps, giving discounts, or even free sessions or merchandise may also be benefical.  However, taking the few moments to get to know them as a person is the most vital and most beneficial and just how do you do that?    You LISTEN to them; give them your full ATTENTION.  It is by fully listening that you get the feeling and sense of who they are as a person not just as a client/customer and you also will get a feel for their needs as a person.   It is their needs as a person not as a customer/client that you as a professional need to address.  So stop talking sit back and LISTEN.  THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT.